About Us

About Us

Adventure House and Adventure House Auctions started as Pulp Collector Press in the mid-80’s. We’ve grown quite a bit since then, publishing over 750 books, and sold nearly a hundred thousand pulp and pulp related materials over the years.

Founder :

John Gunnison

All it took was one copy of Bantam Book’s Doc Savage novels with those great James Bama covers to be hooked.  It didn’t hurt that my mother, who grew up during the Great Depression, remarked that she also read Doc back in the early 30’s.  So, here I am a 2nd generation Doc fan, and it was all up from there.  My first glimpse of a real pulp was when I talked my way into the stacks at the Library of Congress as a Middle Schooler.  I spent a wonderful afternoon pouring over bound volumes in the main reading room, soaking in the smell and the feel of a real pulp.  It’s all been a matter of course from then on.

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