Our new auction engine/site is now live. To help navigate the changes to the site, please follow along with our illustrated tutorial.

Also please read over the auction rule amendments.

A) – There will be no more bid sniping. All auctions that receive a bid within the last three minutes of the lot’s closing will get a five minute bump, allowing rebids if necessary.
B) – At the end of all lots closing, you can enter all your items into your shopping cart, and the cart will offer you a choice of USPS shipping [rates will be direct from USPS], quote you a price and allow you to check out using your Paypal account, Square or pay by check. No more waiting for an invoice from us.

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I have to register to bid?
  2. How do I login or register?
  3. How do I find a specific item, author, artist or title?
  4. Do I have to bid to keep track of a lot?
  5. How do I see a list of items I’m bidding on?
  6. What is a Max [Proxy] Bid?
  7. What are the dates shown next to the auction numbers?
  8. How can I sort the auctions to see the lots that are closing the soonest?
  9. How do I see who else is bidding on a specific lot?
  10. What is the buyer’s premium?
  11. If I need more information about a specific lot, how do I request this?
  12. How do I pay for lots that I’ve won?


Simply yes. Although you do NOT have to register to view all the lots available in all auctions. Nor do you have to register to view the limited number of lots that have closed. To register, click on the Login/Register link you’ll find at the top right corner of the web page. See image below.

Once you’ve clicked, you’ll see a screen giving you a choice of either to Login or Register. See image below

#1 is for Login and #2 is to Register. The username you provide should be something that you can remember, although doesn’t have to be your real name. To Login, you simply use either your email address of the Username you choose when you registered. Once you’ve either registered or login you’ll see your Dashboard. See image below.

This screen is your Dashboard. From here you’ll be able to check on all aspects of your account. If you’ve just registered, please take an extra few minutes to update your account by clicking on the addresses link in the menu to the left hand side. Update your name and address. You’ll need these filled out once you’ve bid and won your first and subsequent lots.