Auction Tutorial

Our new auction engine/site is now live. To help navigate the changes to the site, please follow along with our illustrated tutorial.

Also please read over the auction rule amendments.

A) – There will be no more bid sniping. All auctions that receive a bid within the last three minutes of the lot’s closing will get a five minute bump, allowing rebids if necessary. So if someone places a bid with 2:15 remaining will automatically show 7:15.
B) – At the end of all lots closing, you can enter all your items into your shopping cart, and the cart will offer you a choice of USPS shipping [rates will be direct from USPS], quote you a price and allow you to check out using your Paypal account, Square [feature to come] or pay by check. No more waiting for an invoice from us.

Image One

#1 – Menu – Click on Home to return to this page. Click on Return to Shopping Site to return to our main shopping [non auction] site.

#2 – Login / Register – you must either log in as a returning bidder/customer, or register for the first time. [See Image Two to see our login/register page.]

#3 – Search – this search text box allows you to search for most everything. If you want to check the auctions for Doc Savage, then enter Doc Savage into the search field and click on the magnifying glass icon. If you want to look up authors, we suggest you search by a last name. Same for an artist.

#4 – Menu – this blue bar menu has active links. RETURN TO SHOPPING SITE returns you to our main non-auction site. DOWNLOAD CATALOG will send you to a page to allow you to download a complete 280 pages Gunnison Auction Catalog. BLOG is where we will list any thoughts, or special notices. CONTACT US will allow you to send an email with questions or suggestions. TERMS AND CONDITIONS will allow you to see auction rules.

#5 – Current auction categories – We will be dividing up auctions based on either a date or to whom the auction items are part of. In this case you see Gunnison Auction with some 330 lots. This display will allow you to see not only those items currently up for bid, but also any future auctions we’ve posted. There is also another link to a Test Auction category. See Image Three for more.

#6 – Recent Posts – like the blog link, any news or specials will be listed here.

#7 – Expiring Auctions – displayed here will be the next 5 auctions closing the soonest.

Image Two

Once you click on Login or Register, you’ll see this screen.

#1 – for login in only, you must be a returning customer/bidder to simply login.

#2 – register to be able to place your bids. Once you click on register, you’ll be taken to a bigger screen to enter more information, like name, address, phone number and more.

Image Three

Once you’ve chosen a category, or perhaps entered a search, you’ll see a screen with results like above.

#1 – Navigation breadcrumb – this menu allows you to return to whichever link is displayed. Home takes you back to the initial home page you saw when you first came into the site. The next link will be the current auction category.

#2 – whatever items in the auction will appear here, depending on if you wanted to check out the entire category, or perhaps those items shown form your search. To view, or place a bid, simply click on the blue name link, the bid now button or the image.

#3 – you can sort the items displayed based on a number of criteria. You can sort and display all those items closing the soonest. You can sort on highest to lowest price. Sort on those lots that have received the most bids. This is a drop-down menu.

Image Four

If you clicked on a lot, here is what you’ll see.

#1 – the actual image of the item up for auction. If you click on the image itself, you’ll see a slightly closer view. If you’d prefer to see more images, please contact us and we can load more images upon request.

#2 – this price is either the current auction price, or what the starting bid would be.

#4 – here is the countdown clock. It shows the actual number of days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining on this lot. Please be aware that once the lot has 3 minutes or less and someone places a bid, the closing time for this lot will extend for an additional 5 minutes. So if there is 2:10 left and someone bids, the software will add on another 5 minutes, and display 7 minutes and 10 seconds. Please be certain to refresh your screen toward the end of the auction, to be certain the time is still correct.

#5 – Tags – you may click on any of the links visible to see all auction lots that uses the same tag. In this image, you can see Arthur J. Burks as a tag. If you clicked on the blue Arthur J. Burks link, the software will display all items that have the same tag.

#6 – grey menu – here you can click on any of the following links for more information on that lot. Description will give you author, artist and estimated value of the lot. Additional Information click on this one and you’ll see the dimensions of the lot, as well as the weight. Bids will display all those bidders that are also bidding on this specific lot. It will show the screen name of the bidder, the time in which the bid was placed, as well as the bid amount. Please note that if there is a sign stating [auto] next to the price, then that means the bid was a proxy bid. Buyer’s Premium which currently is 10% of the gavel price of a lot.

Image Five

More Details – click on this blue link and you’ll see some very important information. You’ll see the date and time this lot closes. If will also show you the timezone which is Eastern, or Eastern Standard Time, or Eastern Daylight Time.

It is here that you can learn about the lots choice of having a reserve, or not. All auctions are under proxy [max] bidding.

Image Six

#1 – Enter a price under Bid Value and click on the PLACE BID button. Once this is pushed, the site will ask you to confirm if indeed you want to place your bid. Be certain as to your amount, as it might be impossible to remove in time if you’ve made a mistake. Click on the blue OK button for the auction engine to accept your bid.

Image Seven

#1 – Bid Confirmation. Once your bid has been accepted, you’ll see the confirmation, and the current bid will change. Also under the Bid Value, it will show with the current bid increment, what the next highest bid you would need to enter. Please remember that you can place a much higher bid than the minimum. This is a proxy or [max] bid. Once entered, the system will automatically bid for you in case someone else tries to outbid you.

Image Eight

My Account –

#1 – Once you’ve either registered or logged in, the screen will show you a link for My Account. Within this screen seen above, you’ll be able to make changes to your shipping and billing address, reset your password and account details.

#2 – Clicking on ORDERS will allow you to see your most recent auction orders. [Please note, this feature is active for any orders placed in this new auction engine. No previous orders will be visible.

#3 – Addresses or Account Details. You will need to fill in your billing and shipping addresses, if you haven’t done that already. The shipping calculator will not function until the shipping address has been filled.

#4 – Auctions – this is a quick and easy button to see all of your current bids. For more information see image Nine.

Image Nine

Clicking on the AUCTIONS menu button, will bring you to this view.

#1 – allows you access to all your active bids, winning bids, those losing bids and any items on your watch list.

#2 – depending on the choice from the bid menu, those lots will display in order. If you’d like to re-bid, or perhaps place your first bid, simply click on the image or lot information to immediately jump to that auction. You can also right click on your mouse to open that particular lot into a new tab or new window.

Image Ten

Expiring Auctions – On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the next 5 items closing the soonest. To place a bid, or view the item simply click on the image or blue lot information. Again, you can right click on the same and open this auction in a separate tab or window. This display will constantly update and show you the 5 most current auctions that will be closing.

Image Eleven

#1 – a quick reminder of how your bid is fairing also is displayed on the main page, with either a GREEN “Winning” badge, or a RED “Losing” badge displayed in the upper left hand corner of the image.