Guide to Our Auctions

Please read over the following step by step guide to navigating our auctions. You can also get more information by going to the ABOUT US menu selection at the top of the page and check out the FAQ’s. In the meantime, here is a step by step guide.

Here is a screenshot of the opening page of our website.

First off, you should either login or register for the auction.

If you’ve previously logged in you can click on the Login link.

Enter your username in the top box, and then your password below that. If you’ve forgotten your password, click on the Forgot Password link. Not pre-registered? Then click on the register link.

An important step in registering for the first time…is your username. You may use whatever name you can remember easily, but we suggest that it’s a username that doesn’t identify you personally, as this is the name shown on the auction pages as to who is the high bidder. So please choose an anonymous username. If you’d like to change your current username, please contact us to delete your current username and account, so you can register again.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see your username at the top of the screen.

Being logged in gives you more tools to be able to use to keep track of the lots and your auctions. You can click on the MY DASHBOARD link within the menu.

Once in your dashboard, you can see whatever lots you’ve bid on and their current bid amount. Every lot that is listed within your Dashboard has a direct link to the lot, which allows you to quickly go to that lot live. So you can check your current bids, or those items you’ve placed on your Watch List. To view those lots that you are currently not bidding on, but wanted to keep an eye on, just click on the Watch List link.

You can go direct to that lot to place a bid, by simply clicking on the lot name. To be able to place an item on the watch list, you simply click on the WATCH link visible on each auction lot item.

At the main page, you’ll see FEATURED AUCTIONS from all categories, as well as a breakdown of the different CATEGORIES currently available.

You can click on the SEE ALL link from anywhere on this page, to see all current auctions.

By clicking on the SEE ALL, you’ll have access to all auctions currently live.

There might be several auctions going on concurrently. You can see the categories or do a search of all categories using this part of the screen.

In this sample, you’ll see that there are 21 lots in the Glenn Lord Auction items, as well as 200 lots in the Gunnison Auction, and 8 lots in the general Pulp Auctions category. You can limit what you see on the auction page by clicking on any of those specific categories. So, if you click on the Pulp Auctions link, you will simply see those 8 lots available to bid on.

From the ADVANCED SEARCH box, you can search for specific titles, authors, or artists. Simply type in what you are interested in, the SEARCH field and it will find all items that match this search request.

We suggest that when you make a search request, simplify your request to a as few words as possible. If you want to search for an artist like Tom Lovell…simply enter Lovell. If you entered Tom Lovell, then the search engine will find all instances of Tom and Lovell and combine them together.

If you like high grade pulps, you can do a search by condition. The condition notes are as follows: FA – FA-G – G – G-VG – VG – VG-FN – FN – FN-VF – VF. If you enter VF, then it will find all instances of FN-VF and VF as is available. Same with VG finding all G-VG, VG and VG-FN.

The search is both easy and robust, so it might find items you didn’t expect to see.

You can also sort the items you find.

In this example, you click on the Sort By menu to get a dropdown choice by Title, Lowest Price, Highest Price, Ending Soon and Most Active. This sort feature is available for all auctions regardless if you’ve done a search or just looking at all auction lots.

This sorting is very important if you’d like to see those lots that might be closing soonest. On the closing night of the auction, each lot starting with the first lot will close one minute apart, until all lots have closed.

Placing a bid. Simply click on any lot you have interest in. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a larger image of the item in question. Below that you’ll see a description, which will include authors, artist and estimated value of the lot.

Below that, you’ll see all current bids that have been placed, and below that where you can place your bid. The screen will show you the current bid, as well as the next bid price available. Please remember that this is a Proxy Bid system, which will place bids for you. If say the bid is currently $8, but you are willing to pay as much as $50, you can simply enter the price of $50 and it will place the bid of $8 for you, and then bid against the next bidder up to your maximum of $50 automatically. Also be aware that there is no longer extended bidding on each lot. The lot will close on the date and time shown on this screen. Snipe bidding is possible, but remember that if someone has placed a max bid and the system will bid automatically against you at the very last instant.

Also you may place a Watch on this lot if you so desire by clicking on the Watch link.

When you’ve placed your bid, it will show you a pop-up screen showing the bid, and if you are currently the high bidder. For those few lots that have a reserve price, you’ll see the status of the reserve within this screen as well.

Once you’ve placed your bids, you can review all bids by going back to MY DASHBOARD. This DASHBOARD is a simple and powerful tool to keep track of all bids, as well as the current status of the lots in question.

When all lots have closed, you’ll receive an email for each lot you have won. We will combine all winning lots together for each bidder and send an invoice. This invoice will show the winning bid, shipping cost, and an automatic 13% premium to cover the cost of the buyers premium and Paypal cost. If you plan on paying by check, we will deduct 3% from this premium.