Adventure House Guide to the Pulps


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by John Locke, Doug Ellis and John Gunnison

The Adventure House Guide to the Pulps has been complimented as the most complete compendium of the pulp fiction magazines ever…with over 900 titles and 90,000 separate issues listed in a checklist style, the guide is designed for the complete collector in all of us.  Some 1200 b&w illustrations throughout.  Special binding that allows you to lay the book flat, without breaking the spine.

Each title has information regarding the publisher(s), dates and format changes.  The book also has the most complete and comprehensive discussion regarding pulp grading ever published.

Introductory information includes: “A Two Minute History of the Pulps,” “Collecting Pulp Magazines,” “Pulp Fandom,” “Pulp Appreciation 101,” as well as “Pricing and the Pulp Market.”

  • 8×11
  • 333 pages
  • Adventure House
  • Cover Design: Jim Steranko
  • ISBN: 1-886937-45-1
  • Published: 07/00

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