Along the River Trail


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by Hugh Pendexter

The West has been transformed into a bloody battleground between the Rocky Mountain Fur Company and the American Fur Company, rival factions vying with black powder and cold steel for trapping rights and trade rights with the Native Americans.

The mighty rivers have become a highway for that unique breed, the Mountain Men, from the Rocky Mountains across the Great Plains, downriver to St. Louis, where they sell their precious pelts.

Fleeing the authorities after killing a man, restless greenhorn Ralph Lander departs St. Louis under cover of night, hoping to join the Bridger trapping expedition going upriver. Looking to redeem himself while pursuing excitement and his fortune, Lander soon discovers there is no flight from the long arm of justice, no sanctuary when surrounded by hostiles after his own hide!

With an introduction by Robert J. Randisi (Gunsmith, Mountain Jack Pike series).

Cover art by Paul Strayer.

Cover design by Tom Roberts.

“About as close to history as fiction can get. . . . Mighty entertaining reading.”—Davy Crockett’s Almanack


NOTE: This edition is authorized by the Hugh Pendexter family.

Hugh Pendexter (1875-1940) began his career as a newspaper man but soon started selling short humorous tales in 1904. Within a few years he moved into historical dramas and Westerns. For the next three decades his work became a mainstay of the legendary magazine, Adventure,chronicling Colonial life or the American frontier.

Noted for his dedication to research and historical accuracy, Hugh Pendexter authored more than seventy-five novels of period fiction.

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Title: Along the River Trail
Author: Hugh Pendexter
Genre: Historical Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-884449-44-4
Price: Trade paperback / 160 pages / Price: $14.95 US

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