Battle Stories – 07/30


Battle Stories – 07/30 – Saps and Sappers by Arthur Guy Empey – WWI Pulp Reprint

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Saps and Sappers by Arthur Guy Empey
Three dumb doughs blunder into a German-mined hill!

Spy Hunter of the Somme by Harold F. Cruickshank
Bombing the Sea Snakes by Harold Bradley Say
Four Battling Bucks by E.L. Valence
Johnny Get Your Gun by Major George Eliot
The Glory Grabber by Joseph Ball
A Demon of the Dugouts by Seth Bailey
Air Lanes of Intrigue by Frederick C. Painton
Sky Crusaders by Edwin C. Parsons
The Golden Death by Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
Call to Arms by William A. Shipman

  • 7×10
  • 176 pages
  • Adventure House
  • Cover Artist: George Rozen
  • Published: 04/18

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