Black Mask – Fall/2017


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Black Mask (Fall 2017)

by Lester Dent, Horace McCoy, Herbert Koehl, Kent Richards, Hugh B. Cave, Stephen McBarron, Dwight V. Babcock, Day Keene, Wyatt Blassingame, and Edgar Franklin

Black Mask, the greatest American detective magazine of all time is back with an all-new story by the creator of Doc Savage, Lester Dent. Also featuring classic hard-boiled detective stories by Horace McCoy, Wyatt Blassingame, Day Keene, Herbert Koehl, Kent Richards, Stephen McBarron, Dwight V. Babcock, Hugh B. Cave, and Edgar Franklin, all from the golden age of pulp fiction. With vintage brush illustrations by Arthur Rodman Bowker, as well as a previously-unpublished interview with the author of Donovan’s Brain, Curt Siodmak.

Black Mask (Fall 2017) contains the following stories:

  • “And Death Waltzed In”
  • “Frost Rides Alone”
  • “Code of Death”
  • “Three on a Murder”
  • “Smoke in Your Eyes”
  • “Brother Hijacker”
  • “Murder on the Gayway”
  • “A Minor Matter of Murder”
  • “Murder Is Bad Luck”
  • “The Smartest Doll on Earth”
  • Altus Press
  • Published: 11/17

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