Black Mask – Spring/2017


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Black Mask (Spring 2017)

by Carroll John Daly, Whitman Chambers, William R. Cox, Roger Torrey, Cyril Plunkett, Dale Clark, Bob Byrne, Richard Sale, Steve Fisher, Frank Gruber, T.T. Flynn, Cleve F. Adams, and Theodore A. Tinsley

The greatest detective magazine of all time is back for another collection of the best in hard-boiled fiction. Featuring classic material from the vaults of Black Mask, Dime Detective, Detective Fiction Weekly, and other high-quality pulp magazines. This issue issue is headlined by an all-new story by Carroll John Daly, the creator of Race Williams.

Black Mask (Spring 2017) contains the following stories:

  • “Murder for a Stuffed Shirt” by Carroll John Daly
  • “The Duchess Pulls a Fast One” by Whitman Chambers
  • “Mr. Detective is Annoyed” by William R. Cox
  • “Life—Or Death?” by Roger Torrey
  • “Bullets for Your Birthday” by Cyril Plunkett
  • “A Room to Die in” by Dale Clark
  • “Keeping Cool (and Lam)” by Bob Byrne
  • “Three Wise Men of Babylon” by Richard Sale
  • “Princess of Death” by Steve Fisher
  • “The Murder Chest” by Frank Gruber
  • “Brother Murder” by T.T. Flynn
  • “The Key” by Cleve F. Adams
  • “Body Snatcher” by Theodore A. Tinsley
  • Altus Press
  • Published: 04/17

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