Blood ‘N’ Thunder #26

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Blood ムnメ Thunder #26 weighs in at 108 pages and is packed with the usual array of articles, departments, illustrations, and advertisements.  The Spring 2010 issue begins with a モConvention Cornerヤ update on this yearメs PulpFest.   モTricks of the Tradeヤ reprints a 1943 Writerメs Digest article by G. T. Fleming-Roberts, who describes the various gimmicks he used to plot his pulp mystery yarns.  モCliffhanger Classicsヤ presents a beginnerメs guide to collecting movie serials, featuring scans of many rare photos and posters. モAdventurous Airwavesヤ offers the second and final part of a lengthy excerpt from an excellent new book on the Green Hornet radio show, written by Martin Grams and Terry Salomonson. It includes newly uncovered publicity photos taken in 1937 with members of the original cast.

Feature articles include モA Chronology of Clubfoot,ヤ in which Daniel J. Neyer exhaustively analyzes the all-but-forgotten series of adventure/espionage novels written in the years between the two World Wars by British author Valentine Williams; モHopalong Cassidy: Birth of a Legend,ヤ Ed Hulseメs comparison of the first Hoppy movie to the 1910 Clarence E. Mulford novel from which it was adapted; and モUnholy Jitters: Sex and Sadism in the Red Circle Horror Pulps,ヤ reprinted by popular demand from the long out-of-print second issue of BnT.  The issue closes with モSeven Doughty Doughs,ヤ a lengthy Arthur Guy Empey novelette reprinted from the January 1931 issue of Battle Stories.

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