Bring ‘Em Back Dead


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by George Fielding Eliot
Introduction by Matt Hilton

Meet Dan Fowler, ace operative of the FBI!

When organized crime rears its ugly head, the FBI turns to its best operative, Dan Fowler, to track down kidnappers, bust a smuggling ring, and spill the blood of a band of international counterfeiters in these three action-charged novels . . .

  • Snatch!
  • Bring ‘Em Back Dead!
  • Hot Money

With an introduction by Matt Hilton, author of the HarperCollins best-selling Joe Hunter action series.

Cover art by Emery Clarke.

“There will always be readers for a good adventure story; what George Fielding Eliot wrote in the Dan Fowler collection is among the earliest and the best.

“Bring ‘Em Back Dead is the perfect introduction to both a forgotten hero and a great writer.”—New York Journal of Books

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Title: Bring ‘Em Back Dead
Author: George Fielding Eliot writing as C.K.M. Scanlon
Genre: Mystery/Detective
ISBN: 978-1-884449-27-7
Price: Trade paperback / 290 pages / Price: $29.95 US

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