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Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones
by Edmond Hamilton
Read by Milton Bagby
Curt Newton, spacefarer, and the Futuremen take off on the most thrilling treasure-hunt of all time in quest of the Solar System’s greatest prize!
Although an orphan, Curtis Newton’s parents left him with gifts that would most definitely lead to him becoming Captain Future, the superman of the spaceways. His mother, Elaine, provided him with his mission, to become the protector of the solar system, to fight for justice wherever it may take him. Roger, his father, not only passed on incredible genius and scientific skills, but he provided him with three caregivers that would grow to be the greatest team a space faring hero could have-The Futuremen!
The Futuremen all have their origins in the Moon Laboratory that is both home and headquarters to Captain Future. Referred to as a ‘citadel of science’, the Moon Laboratory is designed in a circular fashion and contains quarters for the Futuremen, even though not all of them, such as Grag, actually require rest. A reference library containing the vast knowledge of the universe, the Brain’s personal lab, a large room that serves as both workspace and social area with a glassite window as ceiling, and many other rooms make up the Moon Laboratory, definitely the perfect place for an interplanetary hero to call his own.
Even though Captain Future flew his last adventure in the Pulps in 1951, it was by no means the end. He and the Futuremen continued to protect the universe and beyond in a Japanese animated television series, numerous French and German comic books and a host of merchandise, including action figures, games, and even drinking glasses have been based on the protector of the spaceways.
Rocket into science fiction adventure and discover new worlds. Ripped from the pages of the Winter 1941 issue of Captain Future magazine, “Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones” is read with wonder and excitement by Milton Bagby.
Chapter 1: Martian Secret
Chapter 2: Newton’s Vacation Ends
Chapter 3: The Third Space Stone
Chapter 4: Mental Message
Chapter 5: Home to the Moon
Chapter 6: Venusian Marsh Danger
Chapter 7: Interplanetary Circus
Chapter 8: Death Cage
Chapter 9: Challenge to the Futuremen
Chapter 10: Sons of the Two Moons
Chapter 11: On the Martian Moon
Chapter 12: Grag Gets Orders
Chapter 13: Funeral in Space
Chapter 14: In the Meteor Swarm
Chapter 15: The Hermit of Space
Chapter 16: Pleasure Planet
Chapter 17: The Last Space Stones
Chapter 18: The Sub-Universe
Chapter 19: Giant from the Stars
Chapter 20: New Universe

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