City of Numbered Men: The Best of Prison Stories


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City of Numbered Men: The Best of Prison Stories
Edited by John Locke

During Prohibition, America’s prisons filled beyond capacity with convicts, turning decrepit institutions into seething cauldrons of hate and despair.¬† The papers reported daily on escape attempts, inmate violence, tough
wardens, grisly executions, and horrendous riots that were beaten back with machine guns and tear gas . . . all the raw material that famed pulp publisher Harold Hersey needed to launch a pulp magazine: PRISON  STORIES. Each hardboiled issue featured sociopathic cons, snitches, corrupt guards, devious wardens, and brutal violence. Included are stories from all six issues of this ultra-rare pulp, complete and uncensored with original illustrations.

Additional features:

  • Complete cover gallery
  • The startling history of PRISON STORIES
  • “Harold Hersey: Tales of an Ink-Stained Wretch,” the first comprehensive biography of pulp publishing’s most colorful character
  • Author biographies
  • Highlights from the monthly letters column
  • 6×9-inch perfect bound
  • 276 pages
  • Published: 01/10
  • Off Trail Publications

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