Danger Trail – 11/28


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Danger Trail – 11/28

Strange Waters by Bertram W. Williams
Malamute by Pat Costello
Trail’s End by Sewell P. Wright
The Forest of Sin by Douglas M. Dold
Pound for Pound by Frederick L. Nebel
The Blow-Pipe of Mayi by Llewellyn P. Holmes
Dead Fires by Robert E. Johns
The Amateur Pirate by Bertram W. Williams
Pontoons and Harpoons by Frank R. Pierce
The Horseman of the Great Forest by Edgar Young
With Pick and Pan by John A. Thompson

  • 7×10
  • 160 pages
  • Cover Artist: Charles L. Wrenn
  • 1-59798-548-1
  • Adventure House
  • Published: 07/16

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