Dead Man’s Brand and Other Tales of the Old West


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by Norbert Davis
Introduction by Bill Pronzini

Dead Man’s Brand and other tales of the Old West by Norbert Davis
With an introduction by Spur Award winner Bill Pronzini
And an afterword by Ed Hulse

All the excitement of frontier life—and in contrast, the bleak, violent, powerful nightmare side of the Western myth—come alive in this collection by acclaimed author Norbert Davis (1909-1949), deftly combining memorable characters, plot twists, gunplay and humor into unique tales of the American West. The author’s eight best Westerns are reprinted here for the first time since their original magazine appearances, including, “A Gunsmoke Case for Major Cain,” the basis for the 1941 film, Hands Across the Rockies.

“Any reader who has enjoyed Norbert Davis’s mystery and detective fiction should find these Western tales equally satisfying.”—Bill Pronzini


  • Introduction by Bill Pronzini
  • A Gunsmoke Case for Major Cain
  • Their Guardian From Hell
  • Leetown’s One-Man Army
  • Dead Man’s Brand
  • The Gunsmoke Banker Rides In
  • Death Creeps
  • Sign of the Sidewinder
  • Boot-Hill Bait


  • Appendix—A Look at Hands Across the Rockies by Ed Hulse, the film based upon Norbert Davis’ “A Gunsmoke Case for Major Cain.”
Cover art by Tom Roberts.

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Title: Dead Man’s Brand
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