Dead Men Singing: The Men Who Fought For Texas

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by H. Bedford-Jones

Written in celebration of the Texas Centennial, H. Bedford-Jones once again authors an exciting, fast-paced lesson on the founding of the Lone Star State. As he wrote at the time: “My purpose in these articles is to try and paint those fighting Texians as they were, and strip away the trappings of pompous falsehood which have largely surrounded them.” Part of the Uniform H. Bedford-Jones Library.

  • “The Buffalo Hunter”
  • “The Seventh Child”
  • “The Jailbird”
  • “The Rifleman”
  • “Loser Pays”
  • “The Man Alone”
  • “The Men Who Fought for Texas”
  • 6×9
  • 140 pages
  • Trade: $12.95

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