Defiance Valley: The Complete Northwoods Stories of Frederick Nebel, Vol. 1


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Written by Frederick Nebel

Tales of the Northwest may have been Frederick Nebel’s forte, but sadly these ultra-rare magazines don’t turn up often and as a result, few readers have been able to enjoy these classics. With this book, Altus Press brings these stories to modern readers, complete, uncut, and in order. Volume 1 contains Nebel’s first 16 stories of this genre, taken from North*West Stories and Action Stories.

  • “Trade Law”
  • “The Firelight Patrol”
  • “Stuart of the City Patrol”
  • “Raw Courage”
  • “The White Peril”
  • “Eskimo Sorcery on Baffin Island”
  • “Defiance Valley”
  • “The Freight of Honor”
  • “The Black Fox Skin”
  • “Trail Tales of the North: Law of the Trapline”
  • “Trail Tales of the North: Patrol of Courage”
  • “The Big Moon Lake Patrol”
  • “Trail Tales of the North: Alone”
  • “Trail Tales of the North: Cache Law”
  • “East of Big Moon”
  • “Tell It to the Mounted”
  • 6×9
  • 360 pages
  • $29.95

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