Doc Savage Double #33

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Quest of Qui &┬áThe Devil’s Playground

The pulp era’s greatest superhero returns in two supernatural pulp novels by Lester Dent and Alan Hathway writing as Kenneth Robeson. After Johnny Littlejohn vanishes while trailing a centuries-old Viking ship that materialized off Long Island, Doc Savage journeys to Labrador on a Quest of Qui. Then, the Man of Bronze and his Iron Men journey to the Michigan North Woods to investigate tomahawk attacks and a murderous Indian spirit known as Michabou in The Devil’s Playground. This deluxe pulp reprint leads off with Walter M. Baumhofer’s iconic portrait of Doc Savage, and features Paul Orban’s original interior illustrations and behind-the-scenes commentary by Will Murray, writer of seven Doc Savage novels.

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  • 9781608770151
  • Softcover
  • 7×10
  • B&W
  • Published: 01/10
  • $12.95

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