Famous Fantastic Mysteries – Spring/2017


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Famous Fantastic Mysteries (Spring 2017)

by Lester Dent, Ray Cummings, Wyatt Blassingame, Arthur J. Burks, H.M. Appel, Hugh B. Cave, Francis James, Paul Ernst, and Monroe Karasik

Another installment of the classic fantasy title, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, featuring a brand new, never-before published story by Lester Dent, the creator of Doc Savage! Also featuring several stories from the Popular Publications archives.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries (Spring 2017) contains the following stories:

  • “The Stone Spook of Grandpa Plott” by Lester Dent
  • “When Ghouls Come Seeking!” by Ray Cummings
  • “Her Lover—Death!” by Wyatt Blassingame
  • “Dance of the Dead” by Arthur J. Burks
  • “Monsters’ Pool” by H. M. Appel
  • “By Night They Creep” by Hugh B. Cave
  • “Music of the Damned” by Francis James
  • “Madman’s Circus” by Paul Ernst
  • “Satan’s Sweetheart” by Monroe Karasik
  • Altus Press
  • Published: 04/17

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