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Vol. 3, No. 1 (Whole No. 11), March 1984. Cover art by Walter Lee Illustrating the Cthulhu Mythos tale, “The Return of the Deep Ones” (serial, part 1 of 3) by Brian Lumley. ALSO: Ways to Kill an Indian by Barry N. Malzberg; Sir Dieudonné’s Dragon by John E. Staib; Clown Black by Janet Fox; Kelpie by Marc Laidlaw and Caradoc A. Cador; A Mid-Summer Night’s Magic by Steven Roy Daugherty; The Choosing (poem) by Marilyn Crane; The Demon Unise Loved by Jessica Amanda Salmonson; The Empty Garden by Molly Lawson Morrow; Waiting by Brenda Gates Spielman; The Night Kelly Forman Dropped In by Bill Bickel; Harry Tales (comic strip) by Lee Nordling and Cheri Lane; St. Eudæmon and His Orange Tree (1904) by Vernon Lee; Preserved Passion (poem) by Jean Poynter; Nymph of Darkness [Northwest Smith] (1935) by C. L. Moore and Forrest J. Ackerman. FEATURES: Editorial by Dennis Mallonee and Nick Smith; A Forry-Word by Forrest J. Ackerman. Interior art by Judith A. Richards, Walt Davis, Walter Lee, David Gray, Dave Carson, Cris Palomino, Bill Cone, Carolly Cristin Hauksdottir, John Borkowski, Hannes Bok.

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