Flame Island


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by Frederick Nebel
Introduction by Tom Roberts

“The best writer by a million miles is Fred Nebel, who . . . uses the Dashiell Hammett style, but does Hammett one better. . . . brutality of treatment, bluntness, and vivid character portrayal.”—Hugh Cave, Lifetime Achievement recipient, Horror Writers Association and World Fantasy

Malayan Peril
Following a trail of clues, what secrets does Steele uncover in the remote jungle temple when he encounters the Hidden Council, a mysterious black-robed secret society?

The Darjeeling Diamond
Callahan agrees to transport the fabled Darjeeling Diamond from Calcutta to Penang. While en route, the jewel goes missing and suddenly every person onboard becomes a suspect.

Isle of Lost Men
The basis for the films Isle of Lost Men and Ships of the Night, this action-packed novella sends Dan Meloy searching for a missing heir given up for dead on the doomed Isle of Lost Men—from where no one returns!

Follow the excitement in these and eleven other thrilling tales of adventure including:

  • The Coast of Hate (novelette)
  • Doom Lagon
  • Typhoon McQuade
  • Flame Island (novel)
  • Some Grudge
  • The Devil’s Souvenir (novelette)
  • Sunken Sovereigns
  • The Bluff That Worked
  • Captain Fortune
  • Claws of the Jungle (novelette)
  • No Law Beyond Khyber (novelette)


With an introduction by Tom Roberts.

Cover art by John Newton Howitt.

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Title: Flame Island
Author: Frederick Nebel
Genre: Fiction / Adventure
ISBN: 978 -1-884449-51-2
Price: Trade paperback / 368 pages / Price: $19.95 US

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