Grey Maiden: The Story of a Sword Through the Ages, The Complete Saga


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Written by Arthur D. Howden Smith

The Grey Maiden is a sword of legend. Forged by the pharaohs of Egypt and carried by great warriors from ancient Greece to the Middle East, the man who wields the Grey Maiden can never die by the blade of another sword. But that doesn’t make him immortal.

First appearing as a series in the pages of Popular Publications’ Adventure Magazine,Arthur D. Howden Smith’s epic traces the story of the sword as it shapes the destiny of the world. Collected together here are all nine tales of the Grey Maiden.

Smith was an American journalist, novelist and historian who wrote a number of popular series and stories for the pulps ranging from swashbuckling tales of the sea to yarns set in the American frontier.

  • “The Forging”
  • “The Slave of Marathon”
  • “A Trooper of the Thessalonians”
  • “Hanno’s Sword”
  • “The Last Legion”
  • “The Rider from the Desert”
  • “Thord’s Wooing”
  • “The Gritti Luck”
  • “A Statement for the Queenes Majestie”
  • 6×9
  • 338 pages
  • $19.95

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