Hell In Boxes: The Exploits of Lynn Lash and Foster Fade


Hell In Boxes: The Exploits of Lynn Lash and Foster Fade – Lester Dent

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Written by Lester Dent
Introduction by Will Murray

In 1933, Lester Dent jumpstarted his pulp fiction career when he created scientific detective Lynn Lash. Operating out of a New York skyscraper, Lash tackled super-scientific threats the police could not handle, opening the way for Dent’s greatest creation, the immortal Doc Savage. All three Lash cases are included in this volume, including a rare story not published during Dent’s lifetime, “The Flame Horror.” Two years later, Dent produced a new gadget-wielding sleuth, Foster Fade, the Crime Spectacularist. Working for a major metropolitan tabloid, Fade solved crimes so bizarre they defied description. The entire Crime Spectacularist trilogy is presented for the first time ever in an authorized edition. This is Dent at his imaginative best—vintage hardboiled detective fiction with a weird menace twist!

  • “The Sinister Ray”
  • “The Mummy Murders”
  • “The Flame Horror”
  • “Hell in Boxes”
  • “White-Hot Corpses”
  • “Murder By Circles”
  • 6×9
  • 346 pages
  • $29.95

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