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Ki-Gor The Jungle Lord – Jungle Stories

LAND OF LOST SAFARIS by John Peter Drummond
(WINTER 1944)
Ki-Gor, White Lord of the Jungle, was invading the treacherous paths of Dismal Swamp, challenging the blood-crazed minions of the Thunder God, with his superb strength and cunning—to save his mate from the juju that had stilled her heart with a sleeping death. 

THE SILVER WITCH by John Peter Drummond
(SPRING 1945)
From out of the dank depths of the Swamp of Mists, came the horrible legions of the silver enchantress, terror walking in their wake.  Only Ki-Gor, White Lord of the Jungle, stood to face her challenge, and he was helpless—for he was trapped in the witch’s lair—his mate marked for death if he should fight the monsters who could not die.

  • 124 pages
  • 7×10
  • George Gross Cover Art
  • Facsimile edition

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