If Death Is Respectable: The Collected Hard-Boiled Stories of Race Williams, Volume 4


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by Carroll John Daly

introduction by Brooks E. Hefner, cover photograph by Mark Krajnak

Race Williams returns! Originally appearing in the pages of Black Mask Magazine,author Carroll John Daly pioneered the hard-boiled detective P.I. story and perfected the genre with his classic character, Race Williams. Apart from the novel-length Race Williams stories, these classic hard-boiled thrillers have rarely been reprinted, if ever.

Volume 4 contains the next batch of Race Williams stories, all from 1932–34 as the door closed on Daly’s long run in Black Mask. Included here are the novels The Amateur Murderer and Murder From the East.

This collection also includes several Race Williams novelettes including “Merger With Death,” “If Death Is Respectable,” “Murder in the Open,” and “The Eyes Have It.” And it’s prefaced by an all-new, scholarly introduction by Professor Brooks E. Hefner of James Madison University.

If Death Is Respectable: The Collected Hard-Boiled Stories of Race Williams Volume 4continues this most important series published in years on the history of the Hard-Boiled Detective story.

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Publication Date November 26, 2018

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