Illustration Magazine #33


Illustration Magazine #33 – SPRING 2011 – NEW – Full Color – GAUGHAN – COPELAND

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In this Issue: The art of Jack Gaughan, famous for his science fiction paperback and digest covers of the 1950s and 60s. Next up: the swingin’ men’s adventure art of Charles Copeland, illustrated with  extremely rare original artwork. Our next feature looks at the book illustrations of artist Edward Shenton. Our last story explores the art of the Horrors of War gum cards of the 1930s. Book reviews, exhibitons and events, and more! 96 pages in full color.

JACK GAUGHAN by Luis Ortiz
EDWARD SHENTONL Illustrator, Author, Teacher by Edward H. Shenton
ILLUSTRATING THE HORRORS OF WAR: J. Warren Bowman and the 1930s War Gum Craze by Nick Ciotola

  • 8×11
  • 96 pages
  • Illustration Press
  • Spring/11

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