In the Grip of the Griffin: The Complete Battles of Gordon Manning and the Griffin, Vol. 3


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Written by J. Allan Dunn

The end of the saga! Running for 31 installments, this is one of the classic sagas from the pages of Detective Fiction Weekly featuring master criminal The Griffin and his war on America. Written by one of the most colorful authors of pulpdom, Volume 3 contains the final 10 stories of the series, uncut, and with all the original illustrations.

  • “Sign Sinister”
  • “The Scarlet Seal”
  • “Death Has Its Fling”
  • “The Griffin Returns”
  • “The Griffin Runs Amuck”
  • “The Six Scarlet Seals”
  • “The Griffin’s Gambit”
  • “The Griffin’s Living Death”
  • “In the Grip of the Griffin”
  • “The Seventh Griffin”
  • 6×9
  • 282 pages
  • $19.95

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