In the Grip of the Minotaur


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by Farnham Bishop and Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur
Edited by Doug Ellis

In the days when Ancient Crete ruled the seas, drawing tribute from Troy, from Greece, even from the great Pharoah of Egypt, there grew up in the North a great power that threatened the Mediterranean world.


Edited by Doug Ellis.

Cover art by Wm. F. Soare.

Note: This will be the first of five books by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur and Farnham Bishop chronicling the Viking cycle from Black Dog Books. The next volume with be The Doom of the Gods. Other titles will follow in turn.

“They don’t write them like this anymore. I smiled all the way through.”—Historical Novels Review, November 2010

“A wonder-tale of the lost Atlantis and Ancient Crete, full of promise . . .”—Fielding Star

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Title: In the Grip of the Minotaur
Author: Farnham Bishop & Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur
Genre: Adventure/Historical
ISBN: 978-1-928619-98-7
Price: $19.95 US / Trade paperback / 196 pp.

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