Kid Calvert: The Complete Series

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Kid Calvert: The Complete Series – Clint Douglas – Phil Richards

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Written by Clint Douglas and Phil Richards
Introduction by Will Murray

The forgotten Hero pulp! Created to compliment fellow Ace Publications hero characters such as Secret Agent “X,” Captain Hazzard, and The Griffon, Kid Calvert has remained forgotten, undiscovered by pulp scholars for 80 years.

Now—for the first time—Will Murray reintroduces the character who just may have been intended to be Ace’s flagship property. This volume collects all five Kid Calvert yarns, along with historical notes by Murray himself.

See for yourself why Ace thought so much of the Kid!

  • “Owl-Hoot Horde”
  • “Horde of Hated Men”
  • “Hell’s Recruit”
  • “Señorita Death”
  • “The Hell-Born Clan “
  • 6×9
  • 317 pages
  • $19.95

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