Once Upon A Star: Further Adventures of Manning Draco, Vol. 1


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Written by Kendell Foster Crossen

In four zany episodes, the unflappable detective Manning Draco travels the 35th-century galaxy to tackle a variety of insurance frauds, scams, and con men. In the process, he encounters bizarre-looking aliens from different planets, woos the most alluring humanoid females, is almost forced to wed a crocodilian princess, competes in futuristic games, and finally overcomes his rivals to win the affection of the fairest damsel in all of outer space.

  • “The Merakian Miracle”
  • “The Regal Rigelian”
  • “The Polluxian Pretender”
  • “The Caphian Caper”
  • 6×9
  • 226 pages
  • $14.95

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