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#16 Legions of the Death Master
by Frederick C. Davis writing as Curtis Steele
Read by Milton Bagby
Like the tentacles of a gigantic and loathsome octopus, the ends of that infamous international espionage ring had stretched out across the United States. Lusting for power, the fiendish leader of that ring was stripping the country of its entire armaments; butchering, in the very capital of the nation, the patriots who pleaded for adequate war-strength. Operator #5, America’s Secret Service Ace, tried to oppose that ruthless Death Master — but Jimmy Christopher fought a power that scattered his own helpers, crippled the Intelligence, and threatened invasions that would have spelled utter annihilation!
They called James Christopher Operator #5—undercover agent, man of many identities, patriotic protector of America’s sacred shores. Working for the U. S. Intelligence Service, his job is to root out subversive elements and stand as the first line of defense against foreign invasions from all quarters. Aided by street-smart Tim Donovan and newspaperwoman Diane Elliott, Jimmy Christopher was the James Bond of the 1930s! But can even these resourceful comrades hold the line when the world is filled with ambitious dictators bent on conquering America?
Jimmy belonged to the clean-cut, square-jaw, clear-eyed breed of hero made popular by the F. B. I. back in those grim days. He carried a Colt automatic and wore a flexible rapier concealed in the hollow of his leather belt. A gold skull ornament dangled from a vest-pocket watch chain. It contained a fast-acting poison in case of capture by enemy agents. Jimmy Christopher played a very dangerous game, of which he was a past master.


Into this unprecedented crisis plunged Jimmy Christopher. Only one man, but a man who embodied the American spirit — and stands prepared to perish to protect his country.

Legions of the Death Master is read with stirring intensity by Milton Bagby. Originally published in th July, 1935 issue of Operator #5 magazine.
Chapter 1: Ambassadors of Doom
Chapter 2: The Clouding Death
Chapter 3: Evil Allegiance
Chapter 4: The Power Commands
Chapter 5: The Supreme Ultimatum
Chapter 6: Report and Challenge
Chapter 7: Traitor’s Trap
Chapter 8: Ticking Doom
Chapter 9: The Secret Power
Chapter 10: Power Behind Power
Chapter 11: Skeletons in Action
Chapter 12: A Nation Speaks
Chapter 13: The Hidden Hundred Waits

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