Rick Lai’s Secret Histories: Daring Adventurers


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by Rick Lai

The first in a series of article collections by one of the Wold Newton authors. This volume contains the following: “A Chronology for the Avenger,” “Yasmini of India,” “The Life and Times of Steve Harrison,” “The Legend of El Borak,” “The Life and Times of Wild Bill Clanton,” “The Saga of Singapore Sammy,” “The Sgt. Jaeger Chronology,” “The Mystery of Harry Quatermain and Other Conundrums,” “The Saga of John Gorman,” “Secrets of Sir Henry Merrivale,” “The Lecoq Universe,” “Peter the Brazen: The Inconsistencies,” “Peter the Brazen Vs. Fu Manchu,” “The Hand of Kong,” “The Contradictions of Khlit the Cossack,” “The A.J. Raffles Chronology,” “The Insane Captain Wentworth,” “The Anomaly of Professor Challenger’s Daughter,” “A Scandal in Ruritania,” “The Holmes-Lupin Rivalry,” “The Savage Family of India,” “The Tragic Case of John Blakeney” and “The Jules de Grandin Chronology” (co-authored with Matthew Baugh).

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  • 254 pages
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