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The Sinister Scourge
by Paul Chadwick writing as Brant House
Read by Milton Bagby
His true face unknown, his identity forever buried in a secret government file, Secret Agent “X” came back from the dead to take on the sinister sadists and evil extortionists who prey on innocent Americans. A master of disguise who carries a non-lethal gas gun, “X” the unknown is backed by a cabal of wealthy citizens and is answerable only to the shadowy K-9 in Washington.
Unseen, horrible as the tightening coils of some spectral serpent, the dope ring worked! Those who betrayed its secrets died in the agonies of the green-hued poison death. Those who served it became sweating, shattered slaves. And Agent “X” dared both death and slavery to fight the sinister scourge!
The enigma of enigmas, Secret Agent “X” has been deputized by a high government official to battle the darkest, most diabolical enemies of America before they sink their poisonous fangs into the nation’s healthy core. Faceless and unsung, “X” infiltrates these threats in a bewildering array of disguises.
Paul Chadwick specialized in telling melodramatic mystery yarns saturated in an atmosphere of impending doom. The pulp editors called these menace stories. Eventually, these thrillers evolved into sub-genre known as weird menace. In Secret Agent “X”, a cloud of diabolical danger hangs over the heads of every innocent character until “X”, using his fists, his gas gun, or his loyal operatives, shatters the threat for all time.
No one knew who Secret Agent “X” really was. Not his readers. Not his editors. Not even his writer, conceivably. To this day in the 21st Century, his true identity is still a deep mystery. That’s keeping a secret!
Follow the Man of a Thousand Faces as he confronts the menace of The Sinister Scourge, ripped from the pages of Secret Agent “X” magazine, January 1935 and read with chilling intensity by Milton Bagby.
Chapter 1: Hunters of Darkness
Chapter 2: Under Fire
Chapter 3: Seconds of Death
Chapter 4: Monsters of Evil
Chapter 5: Crimson Menace
Chapter 6: Murderer’s Bullet
Chapter 7: Mystery Murder
Chapter 8: Smuggler’s Secret
Chapter 9: The Sealed Suitcase
Chapter 10: The Agent Exposed!
Chapter 11: The Hand of Karloff
Chapter 12: Death to the Agent
Chapter 13: A Fatal Shot
Chapter 14: Success—or a Slab
Chapter 15: The Beautiful Green Death
Chapter 16: Clues
Chapter 17: A Vipers Nest
Chapter 18: A Shot in the Dark
Chapter 19: The Master Coup

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