Secret Agent “X” Audiobook #17


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Secret Agent “X” #17 Audiobook
Monarch of Murder
by Paul Chadwick writing as Brant House
Read by Milton Bagby
They called Secret Agent “X”, the Man of the Thousand Faces. Armed with his irresistible gas gun, wearing impenetrable disguises, “X” infiltrates the darkest corners of the Underworld to crush all crime czars!
A hell-ship was surging across the night waters of the Atlantic, a harbinger of doom bearing down on the shore of America. A mighty ocean liner it was, and one of its passengers came straight from the terror temple of His Satanic Majesty. That passenger was—Doctor Marko. The criminal aces of America had sent for him to lead the underworld’s horror horde . . . . Another man was on the black waters of the Atlantic. He guided a speedboat to the gigantic liner. This lone man was Secret Agent “X”—and he was going aboard the liner to stop Doctor Marko from reaching America. But even “X” was stunned at Doctor Marko’s ghastly greeting.
The enigma of enigmas, Secret Agent “X” has been deputized by a high government official to battle the darkest, most diabolical enemies of America before they sink their poisonous fangs into the nation’s healthy core. Faceless and unsung, “X” infiltrates these threats in a bewildering array of disguises.
*Operating out of the supposedly haunted Montgomery Mansion, Secret Agent “X” ventures forth in a bewildering array of false identities to infiltrate the darkest underbelly of the underworld—and destroy it from within. A master investigator of a thousand guises and surprises. The only clue to his true identity is his haunting whistle…..
A man of keen intellect, “X” showed a mastery of modern science, various languages, and ability to decipher codes. He was also a fighter, trained in a variety of fighting techniques, including jiu-jitsu and boxing, which required no weapons. This combination of skills adds to “X”’s uniqueness as a Pulp hero.
Follow the Man of a Thousand Faces as he confronts the menace of Monarch of Murder, ripped from the pages of Secret Agent “X” magazine, August 1935 and read with chilling intensity by Milton Bagby.
Chapter 1: Eyes in the Dark
Chapter 2: A Murderer Strikes
Chapter 3: Death Strikes Again
Chapter 4: A Daring Role
Chapter 5: The Agent Takes Command
Chapter 6: A Spy on Board
Chapter 7: The Police
Chapter 8: The Agent Trapped
Chapter 9: Death to the Agent
Chapter 10: Murder Covered
Chapter 11: Night Attack
Chapter 12: Death’s Carnival
Chapter 13: Doom Rides the Night
Chapter 14: A Numbered Clue
Chapter 15: Agent “X” Betrayed
Chapter 16: Marko Makes an Offer
Chapter 17: Death Decreed
Chapter 18: The Masked Assassin
Chapter 19: Doctor Marko
Chapter 20: Victims of the Dusty Death

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