Spicy Mystery Stories – 06/35


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Fangs of the Bat by Robert Leslie Bellem
Like a vampire from the dead ages…like a monster from hell’s slimy slopes! …What terror trapped these young girls to an awful doom?

Red Bamboo by Jason Lyttell
Women Are Beasts by Cary Moran
Gila God by Mort Lansing
Death At High Noon by Richard Lyle
Corpse Without A Face by Jerome Severs Perry [Bellem]
Bloodsucker’s Feast by Ken Cooper
Madman’s Menace by James W. Marvin
Witches’ Sabbat by Carl Moore

  • Adventure House
  • 7×10
  • 128 pages
  • Published: 04/19
  • ISBN: 9781597987431
  • $14.95
  • Cover Artist: H.J. Ward

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