Spider Double #2 [Girasol]


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Death’s Crimson Juggernaut:

Horror stalks the city as helpless victims are found brutally murdered… by crucifixion! Whole buildings are burned to the ground to further a mad scheme, and no crime is too terrrible for the Torture Killers. Richard Wentworth joins the fray as the Spider, and finds himself blinded! Can a sightless Spider hope to win against these odds?

Claws of the Golden Dragon:

A sinister carving of a scarlet scorpion warns Richard Wentworth of a Chinatown crisis. As soon as he investigates, Nita and Ram Singh are captured and destined to die by torture! Devious traps bring sudden death to all who oppose The Dragon… horrible death as parasitic orchids burst from the chests of the doomed!

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