Spider Double #3 [Girasol]


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The Spider #19 – April 1935:

Slaves of the Crime Master:

The Templer broadcasts his message of evil via the radio, urging the maddened populace to destroy! Lured by his mysterious and persauasive voice, the youth of the nation flock to join his army of vicious criminals. His path blocked by police and criminals alike, the Spider wages a seemingly hopeless crusade to save humanity!

The Spider #71 – August 1939:

The Spider and the Fire God:

Pay tribute… or die! Such are the demands of the Fire God, who destroys the unbelieving in a burst of searing flame. Not since ancient times have so many people worshipped a strange and terrible god, abondoning their religion for fear of agaonizing death. The Spider alone remains to battle this monstrous cult-leader from hell!

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