Swamp Fetish: The Complete Adventures of Armless O’Neil, Vol. 2


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Written by Dan Cushman
Introduction by James Reasoner

For the first time, Dan Cushman’s exotic locale hard-boiled adventure stories are collected in two editions. Volume 2 collects the last six adventures of Armless O’Neil, from 1948-53 issues of Jungle Stories and Action Stories: “Witch-Queen of the Voodoo Drums,” “The Black Assegai,” “Dagger of Thebes,” “Yellow Eyes of Voodoo,” “Swamp Fetish,” and “Escape From Zumongo.” Also featuring an all-new introduction by James Reasoner.

  • “Witch-Queen of the Voodoo Drums”
  • “The Black Assegai”
  • “Dagger of Thebes”
  • “Yellow Eyes of Voodoo”
  • “Swamp Fetish”
  • “Escape From Zumongo”
  • 6×9
  • 428 pages
  • $29.95

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