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Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Doc Savage was the first one-character magazine of its type. Within six months, there were nineteen imitators of which I knew. The stands were flooded with one-character magazines.
— Lester Dent, author of Doc Savage

In the years between the Great Depression and World War II, the all-fiction pulp magazines were flourishing on newsstands across the United States. Within the pulps were born many of the icons of popular culture that shaped America’s entertainment for generations to come–Tarzan, Zorro, Fu Manchu, The Shadow, and others. One of the most prominent and popular pulp heroes was Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze, a physical superman and scientific genius. With his crew of assistants, utilizing an array of gadgets of his own invention, he traveled the world and battled a dazzling assortment of villains through 181 issues of the magazine.

Doc Savage and The Shadow were the earliest one-character magazines, shaping and defining a genre that came to be known as “the hero pulps.” Each had a host of imitators, with names like The Black Bat, The Green Ghost, The Crimson Clown, and Don Diavolo, written by a variety of writers such as Paul Chadwick, Victor Rousseau and William G. Bogart.

This collection assembles four pulp heroes who attempted to rival Doc Savage: Secret Agent X, Captain Hazzard, Super Jim Anthony, and “Adventurers, Inc.,” headed by Rush Randall.

With an introduction by Doc Savage author Will Murray.

Cover art by Tom Roberts.

Read the thrilling exploits of:

  • Secret Agent X in “Kingdom of Blue Corpses” by Paul Chadwick writing as Brant House
  • Captain Hazzard in “Python Men of the Lost City” by Paul Chadwick writing as Chester Hawks
  • Super Jim Anthony in “Dealer in Death” by Victor Rousseau writing as John Grange
  • Rush Randall and Adventurers, Inc. in “The Crazy Indian” (a rejected Doc Savage novel) by Wm. Bogart


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Title: The Adventurers—The Rivals of Doc Savage
Author: Tom Roberts (ed.)
Genre: Adventure/Hero
ISBN: 978-1-928619-55-0
Price: $24.95 US / Trade paperback / 263 pp.

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