The Casebook of Seekay and Other Prototypes of the Avenger


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by Paul Ernst
Introduction by Will Murray

It’s well known that Walter Gibson and Lester Dent pitched ideas that led to the creation of The Avenger, but what aspects did writer Paul Ernst introduce? This collection explores this relatively-unexplored question. From the pages of Popular Publications from 1936-38, these ten stories examine characters whose weapons, physical traits, unique facial quirks and back story were similar to The Avenger. Included are all five stories of Seekay, a private detective whose disfigured face is hidden behind a plastic mask; The Wraith, a triple-identitied crimefighter who utilized a knife and a gun; Dick Bullitt and his gray features; Old Stone Face, the G-man with the emotionless visage; The Gray Marauder, who used a dual identity to fight crime; and Karlu, the mystic. Includes an introduction by Will Murray.

  • “Madame Murder—and the Corpse Brigade”
  • “The Corpse With the Third Eye”
  • “Case of the Smoking Skulls”
  • “Two Tickets to Hell”
  • “Widow of the Talking Head”
  • “My Business is Death”
  • “Shu Ling—Death Doctor”
  • “I am Their Executioner”
  • “A Case for the Gray Marauder”
  • “The Unholy Three”
  • 6×9
  • 396 pages
  • $29.95

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