The Complete Adventures of the Griffon Vol. 1


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Written by Arch Whitehouse

Fighting the aerial forces of evil for nearly ten years in the pages of Flying Aces, Kerry Keen AKA The Griffon returns to print! This edition begins a complete reprinting of the entire series. Volume 1 contains his first six stories, all from 1935: “Guns of the Griffon”: Meet Kerry Keen sky sleuth in this new series of modern thrillers. “The Griffon’s Gamble”: Kerry Keen, sky sleuth, solves a strange new mystery. “Hawks of Hate”: A Fox steals The Griffon in this latest bang-up Kerry Keen yarn. “Red-Heads of Death”: Death hurtled upon the plane carriers—yet only the Griffon penetrated its mask. “Guile of the Griffon”: A death-dealing plane sped through the sky—yet no one was at its controls. “Legions of the Flame”: Kerry Keen solves the mystery of the man who died twice. Also included is an article by series author, Arch Whitehouse.

  • “Guns of the Griffon”
  • “The Griffon’s Gamble”
  • “Hawks of Hate September”
  • “Red-Heads of Death”
  • “Guile of the Griffon”
  • “Legion of the Flame”
  • 6×9
  • 228 pages
  • $19.95

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