The Complete Cases of the Bleeder

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by Edith and Euler Jackobson
Introduction by Garyn G. Roberts, Ph.D

Nathanial Perry was a “thin-skinned orphan with the courage dead in him” at age 14. A victim of a “hit and run,” Perry was rescued by Police Officer Harry O’Connor, a “stubborn, gritty, sawed-off little Irishman.” Nat knew he was a “bleeder,” a hemophiliac—his blood would not clot and a little cut could kill him. O’Connor took the adolescent to the hospital, and provided him with three blood transfusions over four days. The officer reasoned that Nat Perry could never die because he now had cop’s blood in him. From that point on, Nat Perry dedicated his life to becoming a police officer—and he found both unflinching courage and a father.

Fifteen years later, at 29, “The Bleeder” finds himself on the trail of the Rag Doll Killer….

Another volume in The Dime Detective Library.

  • “The Rag-Doll Killer”
  • “Dead Man—Killer!”
  • “Funerals—C.O.D.”
  • “They Die on Schedule!”
  • “Secret Street”
  • “Coffin for a Bathing Beauty”
  • “Double Life of a Phoney”
  • 6×9
  • 145 pages
  • $14.95

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