The Empire In the Air


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by George Allan England
Introduction Gene Christie

“George Allan England’s masterpiece stands as one of the great prototypes of modern science-fiction.”—Mike Ashley

“A super-science epic . . . ahead of its time.”—Sam Moskowitz

Strange flying globes—unfathomable aliens from the Fourth Dimension— appear suddenly over major cities, raining destruction and death on defenseless millions!

When all hope seems lost, a small team of scientists and airmen—and a daredevil flyer captured by the invaders—rally the planet’s primitive air forces for a last, desperate battle to preserve mankind and its civilization.

George Allan England’s The Empire in the Air, a nearly forgotten landmark in science fiction, is now available for the first time in book form—more than 90 years after its initial publication.

First time in book form.

Introduction by Gene Christie

Cover art by Joel Naprstek

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Title: The Empire in the Air
Author: George Allan England
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 1-928619-40-1
Price: $19.95 US / Trade paperback / 206 pp.

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