The Juggernaut of Terror


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by Carl McK. Saunders
Introduction by Garyn Roberts

Central City runs red from gangland war. Corruption and political graft undermine authority to the highest levels. In steps Captain John Murdock, Chief of Detectives, whose only interest is to do his job. Unpopular with both the media and with his superiors, nevertheless Murdock’s methods gets results,—whether battling blackmailers, bootleggers, drug runners or organized crime!Collected are the initial twenty stories in this long-running, reader favorite series, including:

  • Hard
  • The Murder Game
  • Pure Bluff
  • Tickets to Hell
  • Red Harvest
  • Frame-Up
  • The Pay-Off
  • The Square Seven
  • Wanted-One Corpse
  • Murder Ahead
  • Guests From the East
  • Furnace of Death
  • Trigger Traffic
  • The Key to Hell
  • The Wax Witness
  • The Murder Mill
  • The Dead Alibi
  • The Black Hood
  • The Juggernaut of Terror
  • Red Tape

With an introduction by Garyn G. Roberts, lecturer and award-winning popular culture historian.

Cover art by Walter M. Baumhofer.


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Title: Juggernaut of Terror, The
Author: Philip Ketchum
Genre: Mystery / Detective / Hard-Boiled
ISBN: 978 -1-884449-66-6
Price: Trade paperback / 320 pages / Price: $19.95 US

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