The Phantom Detective: Phantom in Bronze


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Written by Laurence Donovan
Introduction by Will Murray

Four fantastic adventures by Doc Savage author Laurence Donovan! Known best for his work on Doc Savage, The Skipper, and other series, Laurence Donovan also was the regular writer on the long-running Phantom Detective series. During his stint on the title, Donovan took the Phantom to places outside New York City and involved him in adventures and in battle with villains which could be seen as pseudo adventures of The Man of Bronze. This 650 page edition includes four of his best, most Doc Savage-esque stories:

The Thousand Islands Murders: An Island of men named Smith, and the weird “Devil’s Flare”… The World’s Greatest Sleuth lands in the middle of mystery and intrigue at Smith Island—and follows a grim trail of blackmail and peril that challenges his keen crime-fighting power!

Death Over Puget Sound: Death and destruction by a creature known as Black Wolf, and a timber trail of doom follows in the wake of the grim “Echo Voice” murders! The Phantom Detective battles against desperate odds as he strives to halt a startling tragedy of crime played on nature’s stage!

Murder Moon Over Miami: Who is The Iron Judge? And what is his connection to a literal viper pit of killers? When greed turns a playground city into the grim scene of a vast murder game, The Phantom Detective battles a menace of death and destruction that stalks Corpse Cay!

Streamlined Murder: A murderous army of killer apes! The Phantom Detective races to pursue the greedy perpetrators of shocking crimes when mystery stalks in the wake of the death of an aging silk tycoon!

  • “The Thousand Islands Murders”
  • “Death Over Puget Sound”
  • “Murder Moon Over Miami”
  • “Streamlined Murder”
  • 6×9
  • 650 pages
  • $34.95

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