The Secret 6 Classics: Return Engagement With Death


The Secret 6 Classics: Return Engagement With Death – Emile C. Tepperman

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by Emile C. Tepperman

Klaw, Murdoch and Kerrigan… the FBI’s Suicide Squad return in this collection of six classic Suicide adventures from the pages of Ace G-Men Stories from 1939-43:

The Suicide Squad Reports for Death: Kerrigan, Murdoch and Klaw in a smashing F.B.I. Novel–In all the Service they were the Law’s toughest, shield-bearing crime fighters–and their job was to come through or die!

The Suicide Squad–Dead or Alive!: Storm Troop gangsters took over the Hill City government. Blue-uniformed killers picked up the blood-purge hunt for Kerrigan, Murdoch, and Klaw–the three F.B.I. aces who had to capture a city just to rescue a red-headed girl!

The Suicide Squad and the Murder Bund: Murdoch, Kerrigan and Klaw, the F.B.I.’s dauntless Suicide Squad, must daily fight with dogged, unbelievable courage–merely to earn the right to live! Could this fabulous team of crime-fighters lock guns in deadly combat with the Skull and Swastika Corps–and still remain a trio?

The Masked Marksman’s Command Performance: What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable body? The answer, we’ll bet, would be something like the meeting between Ed Race, the Masked Marksman–and the Suicide Squad!

The Suicide Squad’s Dawn Patrol: The Japs were planning a barbarous air raid on America–that much was known to Kerrigan, Murdoch and Klaw, the F.B.I.’s indomitable Suicide Squad. When, where and how this hellish blitzkrieg was to come, they were grimly determined to find out, even if that meant permitting the lovely, evil Madam Setti to lure them to the reincarnated Japanese Diva-King–who could command men to destroy themselves!

Move Over, Death!: Kerrigan, Murdoch and Klaw–the fabulous fighting Feds–had finally been given the assignment which no G-man could take–and live! Gladly, with grins on their battle-scarred faces, they walked into the Nazi trap, with blazing guns punctuating their war cry: “Move over, Death!”

  • “The Suicide Squad Reports for Death”
  • “The Suicide Squad—Dead or Alive!”
  • “The Suicide Squad and the Murder Bund”
  • “The Masked Marksman’s Command Performance”
  • “The Suicide Squad’s Dawn Patrol”
  • “Move Over, Death!”
  • 6×9
  • 280 pages
  • Trade: $24.95

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