The Secret 6 Classics: The Suicide Squad’s Last Mile

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The Secret 6 Classics: The Suicide Squad’s Last Mile – Emile C. Tepperman

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by Emile C. Tepperman

The Suicide Squad returns for five final sagas:

“The Suicide Squad’s Last Mile”: The F.B.I.’s ace manhunt trio fight their way to hell and back—to end the rule of a crime-czar who had decreed death for all G-men and paid highest cash prices for secondhand corpses!

“Shells For the Suicide Squad”: Steve Klaw, of the F.B.I.’s Suicide Squad, borrowed a traitor’s name, when he went into battle against three world powers—to save Forge River’s priceless military secret for America!

“Wanted—In Three Pine Coffins”: The sinister tentacles of Naziism were finally making themselves felt in America, and those who dared fight back were mercilessly murdered! Only the Suicide Squad could stand up before the deadly wave of destruction, but those three cavaliering conquerors of crime were already enmeshed in their own grim battle—dodging the very laws which they fought to uphold!

“The Suicide Squad’s Private War”: It started with a mock-air raid, which turned, fantastically, into a night of terror for many, when real bombs were dropped. And America’s most precious naval secrets fell into the hands of the Little Gray Old Man and his horde of Black Troopers—who defied even the famed Suicide Squad to come and get them!

“—For Tomorrow We Die!”: Against the fabulous crime-czar whose thieving legions were undermining the morale of honest Americans, the Chief sent the Suicide Squad—Murdoch, Kerrigan and Klaw. And those three hellions of the F.B.I. found they had a murder carnival on their hands—as well as three fresh nooses already tightening about their necks!

  • “The Suicide Squad’s Last Mile”
  • “Shells For the Suicide Squad”
  • “Wanted—In Three Pine Coffins”
  • “The Suicide Squad’s Private War”
  • “—For Tomorrow We Die!”
  • 6×9
  • 310 pages
  • Trade: $24.95

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