The Shadow Annual #1

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The Crime Crypt & The Green Terror – BATMAN FORESHADOWED with a foreword by Dennis O’Neil

The Knight of Darkness crushes supercrime in thrilling pulp novels by Walter B. Gibson and Theodore Tinsley writing as Maxwell Grant. First, concealed within an ancient mummy case, The Shadow smuggles himself into a criminal mastermind’s Crime Crypt using the same gimmick that Doctor Doom reprises in the 1950 Batman story, 1,001 Trophies of the Batcave. Then, The Shadow battles The Green Terror, a criminal whose use of scientifically induced fear preceded the Scarecrow’s infamous modus operandi. Finally, in a classic radio script that foreshadowed Batman’s landmark Ra’s Al Ghul saga, Lamont Cranston dies so that The Shadow can go undercover to battle a super-villain who has discovered his secret identity in Can the Dead Talk? BONUS: Film historian Ed Hulse examines the glaring plot similarities between the 1994 SHADOW film and 2005’s BATMAN BEGINS! This deluxe pulp reprint showcases the original color pulp covers by George Rozen and Graves Gladney and the classic interior illustrations by Tom Lovell and Earl Mayan with historical commentary by Will Murray and Anthony Tollin.

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  • 144 pages
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