The Shadow Double #10


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“The City of Doom” and “The Fifth Face”

The Voodoo Master returns from the grave and launches a series of terrorist attacks to enslave “The City of Doom.” Then, the Dark Avenger battles the master of disguise known only as Five Face. Will “The Fifth Face” be the face of death? In a special bonus feature, The Shadow battles a million-year-old Neanderthal in a “lost” radio script by Hugo Award-winning science fiction author Alfred Bester. This instant collector’s item leads off with a classic cover by George Rozen and a foreword by Harlan Ellison, and also includes all the original interior art by acclaimed illustrators Tom Lovell and Earl Mayan plus historical commentary on the origins of super-villains and DC’s Vandal Savage.

  • Softcover
  • 7×10
  • black and white w/ color cover
  • $12.95

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