The Shadow of the Tomahawk


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by Hugh Pendexter

“You may hunt a good many histories of America through and not find a reference to [Dunmore’s War] yet it was one of the most important of the Indian efforts to prevent the whites’ advance beyond the Ohio. As in all the works of this author, the story is historically correct. . . . Pendexter took nothing for granted.”—The Lewiston Journal

1774 . . . Blood spoils the solitude throughout the Ohio Valley . . .

An ongoing series of attacks has forced Lord Dunmore to declare a state of war between the British colonists and the hostile Shawnee Nation. The settlers rally with flintlock and tomahawk, trying to protect both themselves and their hard-won lands, as the violence escalates into a fever pitch. Now the powder has been touched off when a handful of settlers discover that the Native Americans are but one of their hidden enemies along the frontier . . .

With an introduction by Troy D. Smith, PhD., Spur Award and Peacemaker Award winning author and historian.

Cover design by Tom Roberts.

NOTE: This edition is authorized by Hugh Pendexter III.

Hugh Pendexter (1875-1940) began his career as a newspaper man but soon started selling short humorous tales in 1904. Within a few years he moved into historical dramas and Westerns. For the next three decades his work became a mainstay of the legendary magazine, Adventure, chronicling Colonial life or the American frontier.

Noted for his dedication to research and historical accuracy, Hugh Pendexter authored more than seventy-five novels of period fiction.

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Title: The Shadow of the Tomahawk
Author: Hugh Pendexter
Genre: Adventure / Historical
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