The Skull Squadron


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Duck! as the sound of the Vickers machine guns echo again, while Spads and Fokkers tumble through the skies in these 11 thrilling tales of mystery and adventure set against the backdrop of World War I. For the first time in book form, this volume collects all of Dent’s published air-war stories from rare aviation pulps War Birds, War Aces, Flying Aces, Sky Birds, and Lone EagleAn instant collector’s item!Volume 2 of the Lester Dent Library. With an introduction by historian Will Murray.

Bonus: Appendices feature background material, outlines and story submission notes from Dent’s personal papers.

Cover art by Rudolph Belarski.

Stories include:

  • Bat Trap
  • Hell’s Seven Key’s
  • The Fox
  • The Skull Squadron
  • The Blue Ghost Patrol
  • Four to One
  • The Bluff Buster
  • The Undertaker Twins
  • Zeppelin Bait
  • Death to a Million
  • Grapes Grabber
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Title: Skull Squadron, The
Author: Lester Dent
Genre: Adventure/Air-War
ISBN: 978-1-928619-80-2
Price: $24.95 / Trade paperback / 227 pages

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